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StepOne Tech Oy was established in 2012 in Tampere, Finland. Our office and production is located in Pirkkala about 12 kilometers from Tampere. Our biggest competence is to design and manufacture electronic products from scratch.

Our first commercial product is eFlexFuel, which we designed and manufactured completely with our team. Today, however, production has grown so much that the product is partly manufactured by our subcontractors in the Pirkanmaa region. Planning, programming and packaging are still located in Pirkkala in our production.

Another product is Rüppell Ozonator. Rüppell is a product under the company Mend Electronics Finland Ltd. This product is backed by the same guys and shareholders as eFlexFuel.

Our team consists of professionals from various fields; programming, graphics, electronics design and automotive engineering.

Products manufactured by our company

eFlexFuel E85 Upgrade


eFlexFuel is an easy-to-install fully automatic E85 system for gasoline powered vehicles.

With eFlexFuel you can use a more environmentally friendly and cheaper E85 fuel in your car.

Ethanol sensor that comes with the device also detects different fuel mixtures, so you can use different blends of petrol and E85 fuel in your car.

Rüppell Otsonaattori


Rüppell is a AC powered device that produces ozone to remove odors and bacteria from spaces.

Rüppell can be used in small spaces up to 120 square meters. From individual sportswear and shoes to large homes.

No chemicals are needed because Rüppell produces ozone by electric.

Rüppell is a product under the company Mend Electronics Finland Ltd. Mend Electronics Ltd has members of StepOne Tech Ltd.



  • Tuomo Isokivijärvi
  • media, resale, billing

Production Manager

  • Pekka Salo
  • kotisivut, applikaatiot, grafiikka


  • Risto Härkönen
  • electronic design, programming


  • Miika Hölttä
  • electronic design, 3D-modeling, automotive engineering